Green Computing

What do you know about green technology? Green Computing is the surrounding responsible use of computers, efficient use of related resources while maintaining or improving overall performance.  Its use is very important for all types of systems and for a large-scale data centers. It enables environmental improvement and increases energy efficiency. It also improves management information and provides appropriate analytical skills. The goal of green computing is reducing the use of hazardous materials and maximize energy during the machine’s life time.

Main Strategies of Green Computing

  1. Decreases energy utilization:
  2. Reduces company energy costs
  3. Saves Money through a proper disposal waste of non-toxic hardware
  4. Longer lasting computing devices
  5. Reduced health risk for computers workers and recyclers.


Green computing can lead to great cost savings overtime by reducing energy from servers, cooling and lighting. It promotes the use of recyclable materials and less use of non-biodegradable components and encouraging use of sustainable resources. Currently disposing of computing devices in a way that reduces their environmental impact.

What is Green Computing?

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