The First Step is to login to your cPanel Control Panel. You should be able to login at: (where is your actual Domain).

NOTE: All actions described in this Article will be Done from the “Mail” Section of your cPanel Control Panel.   Each Section of the Control Panel will provide a “Video Tutorial” Button (top/left) and/or a “Help” Option (top/right)

Add a New Email User Account:

#1. After Logging Into your Control Panel, Click on the “Email Accounts” Icon.

NOTE: The top portion of the Page provides options to add a new User Account. The Bottom Portions will list the Email User Accounts you already have set up on the server.

#2. In the Email Field Add the User Name You wish to setup as a Email Account. Example: If you wish to setup an email address as (where is your actual Domain). Then in the Email Field Type: tom

#3. From the Drop Down Menu (to the right of the Email Field) select the Domain you are setting the email up for (applicable only if you have add-on domains or sub-domains).

#4. Enter an acceptable Password in the Password Field.

#5. Enter your Password again in the Password (again) Field.

#6. Enter a “Mailbox Quota” or Check the “Unlimited” option. NOTE: This is the amount of disk space allocatted to this paticular email user to store emails on the server. This quota is taken from your Gross account quota.

#7. Click the “Create Account” Button.

Setup an Email Account on cPanel

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