Backup Server

Are you worried about the loss of your company’s database? The backup server is responsible for backing up, restoring files, and information for the company. Backup servers prevent the loss of data through a hard drive network from events such as hard drive failure, accidents or disasters and user errors. Server backup combines hardware and software technologies that provide backup storage and retrieval services to connected computers, servers or related devices. A backup server consists of standard hardware server with substantial storage capacity, mostly with redundant storage drives. A Backup Server is an excellent way for you to save your important files into one single compressed file. The best part of Backup Server is it’s affordable and you can transfer the compressed file onto another computer or hard drive. Files are usually compressed to save space, however, even when compressed full backups may consume a lot of storage. Webline Services provides you with protection against unexpected events that could come your way.



Recovery Solutions

In case of an accidental loss of information, if your data is backed up then you can just restore it from your backup server in a process known as recovery. Webline Services offer Server backup that works hand in hand with recovery services to secure your company’s demanding data.  Without the right solution in place, your ability to recover from a server loss can take days or weeks. For some businesses, a few days of downtime can deeply impact a company’s operations and even its survival.  The advantage of being protected with Webline Services full backups is the satisfaction of restoration. Restoring a file requires only the file name, location, and date from which to restore the data. Restoration is relatively straightforward as long as the backup files from that date or time are available. Files that have been lost or become corrupted can be restored. We would be glad to provide you with a free consultation on which solution best fits your needs.

Server Backup & Recovery Solutions

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