The control panel you choose to manage your website with is important. The options you have available and even the way you connect to it vary from one panel to the next. Connecting to your panel of choice is important of course, so follow these easy instructions to login to your WHM / cPanel account.

WHM is the parent control panel for cPanel, you usually have a WHM login when you have a hosting reseller account or your own VPS or Server. This is where you can create cPanel accounts and manage your web server options. So to connect to your WHM, you will use your ip or domain with the WHM port in your web browser, like so: or https://yourdomain:2087

You can also write WHM at the end of the domain to get you to the login as well, like so: or https://yourdomain/whm

Once at the login screen you’ll see it ask for your username and password. These are given to you by your web hosting provider when you purchase the plan. The WHM login page also gives you the option to change the language your panel works with, so choose your preffered language and continue.

Connecting to your cPanel works in a very similar way, this panel is where you manage everything for your website from databases to your email accounts. So connecting to your domain’s cpanel is a must. Use the same method to connect to your cpanel, either your ip address or your domain with the cpanel port or folder name like so: or https://yourdomain:2083

And just like WHM, you can also connect by adding cpanel to the end of the url as well: or https://yourdomain/cpanel

The cPanel login screen also gives you the option to switch to your preferred language so you can manage everything as easily as possible.

Login to your WHM and cPanel

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